Networking and Partnerships

Patronage and Sponsorship

Stimulating production and cultural programming in its various aspects as well as artistic expression is fundamental for the development of a society, strengthening its identity, strengthening social cohesion, training and educating of individuals who are ultimately, a local and international affirmation of city and country.

The support of patrons and sponsors is essential for the growing improvement of the quality of cultural programming of institutions that promote it, to ensure the realization of referenced projects in different artistic fields and a greater involvement of its citizens.

The Theatro Circo gratefully acknowledges the role of its Patrons and Sponsors and the sustainability of their projects and their activity.



The celebration of protocols and partnership agreements is an important factor for the development of the activity of the Theatro Circo and the consolidation of its link with local and national agents and institutions, hereby formalizing and regulating joint working bases that enable partners to enhance their activity and individual mission as well as the synergies among them.

Additionally, these partnerships allow the Theatro Circo to intensify the dissemination of its activities, attract new audiences and provide a more qualified and complete service for its viewers and visitors.


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