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Companhia de Teatro de Braga
Resident Theatre Company

Resident Theatre Company

Since 1986, Theatro Circo hosts as a resident creator of the structure, the Braga Theatre Company, stipulated in an agreement with the Municipality.

This structure, with legal, administrative and financial autonomy of Theatro Circo, has regular support from the Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Braga and a group of companies in the region under the Patronage Law.

CTB – Braga Theatre Company
The CTB is the resident company of the Theatro Circo. The Theatre Company was founded in Oporto in 1980 and since 1984 is based in Braga, within the context of a protocol with the Municipality of Braga.
The artistic project of CTB intersects the ever renewed interest in new dramaturgy by way of experimentation through its theatrical practice, within the great dramaturgical legacy of Humanity: the Classics. The project aims to make Braga and Theatro Circo a hub of artistic experimentation and theatrical confrontation between artists from Europe and within the Lusophone space, including neighboring Galicia. The Company develops and deepens its artistic project in the areas of theatrical creation, public training, creating video and sound as well as editing. In these areas it maintains partnership projects, exchanges and co-productions with various creative entities and national and foreign creators.

1915 – 1980 - 2015
The CTB celebrates this year 35 years of regular activity, when the Theatro Circo, one of the great theaters in the country, celebrates its first centennial. A year of Celebrations. A year of Memories.
Years of Future.

The CTB is funded every four years under a tripartite agreement between: The government of Portugal / the Secretary of State for Culture / DGArtes / the city of Braga and its sole patron the company DST group.

Freedom. Loneliness. Citizenship. Travel.

The activity of CTB in the four years between 2013/2016, was undertaken to give birth to three structuring concepts: Freedom. Loneliness. Citizenship. Artistic creation will focus on the issues of freedom and solitude. Public training shall remain in accordance with the previous two years, under the domain of Citizenship. National and international circulation within the domain of Travel.

In the theatrical creation, the choice of authors and texts bases itself on observation of the individual in society. Thus the City is presented as a stifling public space and the Home as an intimate space of Freedom. Both spaces are presented on a route of abandonment, withdrawal and loss of dignity, as well as the daily struggle of resistance. But what weapons does the individual use? We say the Word.

The performances of CTB claim to give testimony of the times we live. And these times of declared war of the governments on the people, give the creators a greater sense of responsibility in the search, identification and assessment of the signs that we are continuously being revealed. Today there is a disturbing and tragic devaluation of the Word, whether in the political or ethical spheres. We become irresponsible as we objectify everything. Like the Word, the concept of the Tragic has suffered changes in the course of time, yet we never imagined ourselves so near to a new and real tragedy. It has now become more profound and painful, interrogating each individual and perhaps taken by surprise, unable to find the answer.

The Grand Circus of Life: Freedom and solitude

Thus, having some performances on these subjects from previous years, in 2015 new creations were added. ON TARGET by Thomas Bernhard; THE MACHINE OF THE WORLD by Alexej Schipenko and ORATORY OF THE WIND by Vergílio Alberto Vieira. It is our contribution as committed artists, to endeavor to search for a society where human dignity, respect for the Other and for cultural diversity reunite us in another time and in a new city.

Rui Madeira,
Artistic Director of the CTB.

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