Schedules and Box Office

Theatro Circo Box Office

From Tuesday to Friday from 11h00 to 19h00.
Mondays, Sundays and public holidays: closed

The box office will open 1 hour before the show begins and close 30 minutes after the show has begun.

Point of sale

gnration (Braga)
AA Universidade Minho - (Braga)
ABEP - Agência de Bilhetes para Espectáculos Públicos (Lisboa)
ASA (Guimarães)
CAAA – Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e Arquitectura (Guimarães)
Casa das Artes de Famalicão (Vila Nova de Famalicão)
Centro Comercial Espaço Guimarães (Guimarães)
Centro Cultural Vila Flor (Guimarães)
CTT - Correios de Portugal (939 Entidades)
El Corte Inglés (3 Entidades)
Espaço Oficina (Guimarães)
FNAC Portugal (24 Entidades)
GNRATION (Braga) (Porto)
Multiusos de Guimarães (Guimarães)
Pavilhão Multiusos Guimarães (Guimarães)
Plataforma das Artes (Guimarães)
Posto de Turismo de Vila Nova de Famalicão (Vila Nova de Famalicão)
São Mamede CAE (Guimarães)
Teatro Gil Vicente (Barcelos)
Universidade do Minho (Guimarães) (Guimarães)
Viana Welcome Center – Posto Municipal de Turismo (Viana do Castelo)
Wook (Lisboa)
Worten Equipamentos para o Lar S.A. (152 Entidades)


Telephone (thin box office schedule): 253 203 800

Application form on the official site: Choose the show you wish to see and follow the instructions to complete the online booking form.

The online booking, via email or through the official site, will only be valid once you have received a confirming email.

The tickets should be collected up to 2 days after the confirming email has been received.

No bookings will be allowed 5 working days prior to the show. There will also not be a waiting list for eventual waivers.

Exchanges and Returns

Exchanges are allowed up to 2 working days before the show, and only for our own schedule. 

Returns are not accepted.

If the date of the show is changed for reasons of force majeure, the tickets purchased will be valid for the final date. Spectators who so request will be refunded the cost of their tickets whenever the show cannot take place at the scheduled place, date and time.

Tickets and change must be checked at the time of purchase.

Online Box Office

After the ticket has been successfully purchased, it should be printed. The tickets, as well as the receipt of payment will be sent via email in PDF format. The tickets should be printed and be safely kept until the day of the show. Each ticket should be printed individually on an A4 sheet of paper. Please certify that the bar code is legible.

Please certify that your email box has sufficient space, about 1MB per ticket and that the email has not been redirected to the SPAM box as unsolicited publicity.

The printed tickets that have been purchased through the Online Box Office platform are valid and need not be exchanged at the local ticket office.

The tickets will be validated at the Theatro Circo by way of a bar code reading device.


Braga Hospital (employees, including a companion)

ISIC card
Youth Card
Children up to 12 years old
Over 65s
Holders of a Medical Certificate of Multipurpose Disability (>60%)

Patronage staff
TC employees
Performing Arts Professionals

Specialized Artistic Education/Superior Artistic Education students
Boxes - seating limit identical to the number of seats in each box
School/institutional group (min. 10 people; offer of 1 invitation for every 10 tickets sold)
Quadrilátero Card

*Conditions of application

Discounts will be applied at the time of ticket sale, making it compulsory to present identity documents when entering the shows.

Discounts only apply to shows promoted by Theatro Circo, the Municipality and CTB and priced at more than €5 (please check with the box office).

Access conditions

Access into the theatre room will not be allowed after the show has begun, namely in operas, dance shows, classical music, plays and other kinds of recitals and recitations or any other kind of show by decision of the promoter and in accordance with Law N’ 23/ 2014 of 14 February, except when permitted by the theatre room assistants. In the event of lack of punctuality and impossibility of entering the theatre room, the value of the ticket will not be restituted.

Minors under 3 years of age can only assist shows classified as ‘For all types of Public’ as decreed by Law nº 23/ 2014 of 14 February. Viewers with discount on their tickets are required to present a mandatory document proving eligibility for the said discount.


Viewers should switch of all electronic devices at the entrance. In the theater room it is strictly prohibited to film, photograph or record, as well as smoke, eat or drink. The ticket should be kept until the end of the show. Spectators carrying objects considered dangerous will not be allowed in the theatre room, as well as those accompanied by animals, except in the case of a guide dog which is properly identified.


At the Theatro Circo there are access ramps as well as elevators. The main show room as well as the auditorium has designated places for wheel chairs, as well as toilets for the handicapped in each of these rooms.

Logotipo Quadrilatero

Quadrilateral Card

What is it?

50% Discount on the base price of a ticket
* Conditions

Discounts will be applied when the purchase of the ticket is effected, making it mandatory the presentation of identification documents when spectators are being admitted.

Discounts will only be applicable to shows promoted by the Theatro Circo and whose base price is over 5 euros. Enquiries at the box office.


The card is valid for one year from the moment of its reception and is renewable, should the bearer wish to do so by paying a new annuity. The value of the annuity is fixed yearly after revision between local partner organizations. For the period between 2011 and end of 2013, the value of the card annuity will be 25 euros. All information about membership and benefits will be available on the websites of local partner organizations. The benefits become effective only upon receipt of the card. The use of the card is personal and not transferable, requiring its presentation in order to access benefits granted. For its issue and use, the presentation of an identification document is required, namely an identity document or citizen’s card. The inherent benefits are not accumulative with other discounts granted by the originator. The card must be presented at the ticket office, the show room entrance and whenever requested.

How to apply?

Membership is always carried out Online, at the establishment’s box office or online establishment box office, by filling out the electronic registration form, presenting or sending an attached copy of the official identification document, namely an identity document or citizen’s card, as well as the payment of the annuity. The registration form requires the following information, email, profession, tax payer number, nationality, address, postal code, locality, telephone number, interests. Upon application, the membership card will be issued within one week by the receiving entity, which should be duly collected by the applicant.


Theatro Circo - Invitations for open rehearsals, for parallel activities, for openings, for exclusive events, for conferences and other cultural activities. Free shipping of the monthly program by mail. Sending of weekly newsletters. 50% discount on tickets for the shows promoted by the entity. Free admission at the exhibitions. 50% discount on parking on Liberdade Street on performance days. 10% discount on restaurants.

Casa das Artes Vila Nova de Famalicão - Invitations for open rehearsals, for parallel activities, for openings, for exclusive events, for conferences and other cultural activities.Free shipping of the monthly program by mail. 50% discount on tickets for the performances promoted by the entity.

Centro Cultural Vila Flor (Guimarães) - Invitations for open rehearsals, for parallel activities, for openings, for exclusive events, for conferences and other cultural activities. Free shipping of the monthly program by mail. Sending of weekly newsletters. 50% discount on tickets for the performances promoted by the entity. 5% discount at the Restaurant Vila Flor. Free admission at exhibitions. Free parking on performance days. Free babysitting service during performances.

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