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Theatro Circo
100 Years of History

21 April 1915

The Theatro Circo was conceived for the first time in 1906 by a group of people from Braga, led by Artur José Soares, José António Veloso and Cândido Martins. To that date, the city had only the small Teatro São Geraldo, thus the Theatro Circo would satisfy the needs of the city which, like the rest of the country, was witnessing a great theatrical development. In 1911, the project began to take shape at the hand of the architect João de Moura Coutinho and on April 21, 1915, the Theatro Circo was opened, coinciding with a period of great economic and social development in Braga.

Over the decades, the space was readapted to new requirements imposed by the evolution of the times and acquired new qualities, most notably the installation of sound cinema. Great artists of international renown at the time graced its stage such as cellist Guilhermina Suggia, violinist Isaac Stern and pianist Arthur Rubenstein, the National Orchestra of Florence, Prague, Madrid or Vienna, the Opera House of London, among many others.

However, it was not able to withstand competition from new cinemas and television, and, together with the revolutionary euphoria that was felt until the early 80s, the decline of the establishment and its functions were accentuated, thereby initiating a discussion in the city on the future of Theatro Circo.

The 80s and 90s

In 1986, the Braga Theatre Company became the resident company in Theatro Circo, ensuring its own theatrical production as well as assuming responsibility for the artistic programming. A year later, and taking into account the great socio-cultural value and heritage of the entity, the Municipality of Braga acquired almost all of its shareholder capital, assuming this way the strategic importance of this entity in the cultural policy of the Municipality. In the late 80s and for most of the 90s, the Theatro Circo continued to provide a diversified program of theater, cinema, opera, ballet, music, exhibitions and training sessions

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